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50mm or 85mm...(portrait)


whats better of the two......................


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No hard rule but as a general rule, 50mm for crop and 85 for FF.

85 on crop is 136mm FF equivalent which will require some space between the subject and lens. On the other hand a 50mm for group portraits is probably better even on a FF. It really comes down to how much distance you have between subject and lens.

thank you for the answer. i when ans rented both, and got the 50mm 1.4. at the price i cant go wrong. thanks again


I personally agree with 7D5D, assuming like he did that you are shooting a crop.  The often quoted "range" of classic portrait length is 85mm to 135mm on full frame.  But 50mm and 85mm in full frame translate into 80 to 136 for crop, which is basically the same thing.  I find 50mm is the easiest to use on a crop.  Sometimes you just can't get back far enough to use the 85 on a crop.




On a full frame camera, I have the same preference, in that I usually like the 85mm rather than the 135 mm length.


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