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50mm 1.8 II Operation Limits


Camera: T4i


Lens: 50mm 1.8 II


Problem: The lens stopped working completely during a low lit, concert shoot. The lens works in every mode and function except for Manual and Aperture Priority. The message on the screen says, "Err 01 Communication between the camera and lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts."


I really do keep my lenses clean including contacts. I do not shoot in live view but I tried shooting in that mode and ruled out that option.  My other lenses worked fine for the remainder of the night. But why will it not work in these two modes only? Is this lens toast? If not, does anyone think this is fixable? Im fairly mechanical and handy. I don't want to junk this thing if I know it is a fixable thing.


 Thank you



"I don't want to junk this thing if I know it is a fixable thing."


Unfortunately if you can not fix it yourself, it is not worth fixing.  A problem with these least expensive lenses.  But first, have you tried the lens on a friend's camera?  That is the first ting to do.  It is very unlikely to be dirty contacts but it is possibile.  Are you sure you didn't over clean or damage any of the contacts?  They are gold plated and very fragile. Denayured alcohol and a q-tip.

If the lens works on a different camera, next you must try a different lens on your camera.

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