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2nd Time, 24-105 f4 L Error 01


Hello! A couple years ago, my beloved 24-105 f4L version 1 started making noises and erroring out (error 01), and refused to shoot. I sent it in for repair and after $380, was back out shooting. Fast forward four years to today, my lens is giving me the exact same error and symptoms. 

After doing some googling, it seems that this is a known issue with the aperture ribbon cable. I will be sending it in again to see how much a repair would be, but at this point it will be more economical to upgrade to the RF glass. 

My question, if this is something that has already happened to me, and to many many other people, why is this not something that Canon would repair for free? Seems to be a manufacturing/engineering defect that I would expect to be fixed after repairing it the first time, especially for a quality brand such as Canon. 

Anyone else having this same issue? Would love to hear your stories or suggestions. 



That lens is no longer supported by Canon for repairs anymore. If you have an EOS R series camera you can upgrade to the RF Mount equivalent lens instead of adapting older EF lenses.


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Interesting… they already emailed me a shipping label for the repair. I was getting ready to sell it and upgrade to the RF version when it broke. 


"After doing some googling, it seems that this is a known issue with the aperture ribbon cable."

I would send folks here are not Canon employees and don't really know what is serviceable and not. Canon always has good customer support. I don't think the ribbon cable problem is as big a problem as some may say. Of course it is always a big problem if it happens to you. and those folks are sometimes the loudest protesters. Many thousands of that lens do not see the problem but some have. When you send it in explain politely that this is the second time and send in your receipt from the last time. Canon are good people but if they see or think it was your fault, well ......... 

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