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17mm tilt/shift


I am interested in using filters with my 17 mm tilt/shift lens.  Is there a filter system that readily accommodates this lens and, if so, what trade offs might I expect with the tilting and shifting functionality?



You need this filter adapter Smiley Happy

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Thank you.  Not a cheap part, but then the 17mm is not a cheap lens.

The link is just for the adapter ring. You'll also need a filter holder. And pretty much the only filter I can think to put on 17mm lens is ND or Grad ND.
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Thanks, hsbn.  I've been wanting to upgrade my filter system anyway, so before I invested in Lee, Formatt Hitech, etc, I wanted to make sure that they could accommodate my most problemmatic lens.  You're right - the only filter that I expect to use with this lens is the ND, and maybe the Grad ND. 

Mostly you would want to avoid using a polarizer with a 17mm lens.  The amount of light blocked depends on the angle of the light relative to the filter.  The challenge with very wide lenses is that the angle ov view is so wide that light comes from such a wide range of "angles" ... and it becomes quite noticeable that some angles are blocking more light than others.  The result is a photo with a dark "band" that fades out on either side depending on how you rotated the circular polarizing filter.   


CPLs work best with normal and long lenses... or moderately wide lenses.  But very wide lenses get wonky results.



Tim Campbell
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Thanks, Tim.  I will avoid the polarizer with this lens.  I was just hoping to be able to do some long exposure work with it, so the ND filter is my primary concern.




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