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why can't I print


I recently started working from home. Once I had all my employer provided equipment set up, including vpn, I could no longer print from my personal laptop to my Canon MG2900 Series printer.  I have an HP notebook that has no problem connecting with my Canon.  I can get by technologically, but I am by no means an expert.  Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions.



Easy test.


When you are not connected to VPN can you print from the work device to your printer?  

Bay Area - CA

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I have checked my settings, Printers & Scanners screen, on my work laptop and my personal printer is not listed there. I was not provided a work printer, because my company does not want employees printing anything work related at home. So the answer to your question would be no. I cannot print from my work equipment to my personal printer. Prior to setting up my work technology, there was no problem with personal printing. Confused because I can print from my HP notebook with no problem.

Thanks for taking an interest in my dilema.

So I discovered a new piece to my puzzle. My personal computer will communicate with my printer for the purpose of scanning. I got excited for a moment thinking if they'll talk to each about scanning why not printing. But when I tried to print a test page, I was not that lucky.