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text in black ink prints double on my Canon Pixma MG 7120


When i print text in black on my MG7120, I am seeing the text printed twice, slightly offset so that it appears like a shadow. This only happens with black ink, gray text and other colors all seem to print fine.


Below is an image of the head alignment page for reference, and a close up of the text to illustrate the issue. I had thought to run an auto printer head alignment, but I cannot find the head alignment sheet that shipped with my printer. Is there anyway to get another (if that is even the issue)?


Thank you!





Product Expert
Product Expert



Troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

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I have the exact problem. Have you found a solution? 

Neither automatic nor manual head alignment has helped.

Any known solution?  I have used all the cleaning tools within Maintenance, no joy.