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printerI do not own(HP ENVY 4520 series 3C(3cF83#) appears when I click to open my Canon MG7120


My Canon Air Printer-MG7120-is the only printer on my system. When I click to open it. a completely unknown to me printer appears and and my printer doesn't work.  The alien printer is HP Envy 4520 series 3c--(3cf83f). This happens most of the time. but occasionally ,unpredctably, the Canon will respond.  .


In addition the Canon often returns totally blank sheets even though it looks and sounds like it is working.


Here are my questions:

1.Why is it opening an unknown printer?

2. How do I eliminate it and get the Canon to respond?

3.Would it be wise to connect the printer to my Macbook Pro  computer , If so how do I accomplish that (details needed)?

4.If I did that would it work with my Ipad and Iphone?

5.What to do about the erratic actual printing printing?


Please help with as simple and clear instructions as possible. I do not understand computers enough to fkigure out what to do, but I  am pretty good at following instructions!


Thank You




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Sandra,


On your Mac, please click the Apple icon and then select system preferences. Once you are there, select printers and scanners. This window will list the printers that were install on your device. If you see the HP listed, click on the printer name and then below where there printers you will see a + and -. Click the - button to remove the printer. If you don't see a HP printer listed in printers and scanners, you may want to contact Apple to see why a HP printer is appearing when it is not installed.


The printer will work with your Ipad and Iphone if the printer is on the same network as these devices.


I did want to let you know that Canon does have a tech support chat feature. If you would like real time assistance with setting up the printer with your devices, please click HERE. Once in the chat box, ask to speak to a live person. You will be asked to create a Canon account and once that is done, you will be able to connect with one of our chat agents Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, excluding holidays.


We look forward to hearing from you.



thank you for your reply,-- issue has not been resolved-- still cannot access printer to actually print.  Could this be a wifi problem?  Spoke with a tech perwson.but connection wa so poor I could not access information,. Wouldf appreciate it in e mai

so I can copy it and retain it . any other suggestions would be very much appreciated. sandra