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pixma mg8220 CLI226 inks


Hello forum,


My printer has died.  It is registered since the purchase date in 2011.  I have a large supply of the CLI226 ink cartridges.  Is there a current [in production] printer that uses these same cartridges.  It needs to be wireless, a copier and scanner.  I don't need the best photo printing since I have a Pro-100 for photos.  Thanks a lot.





Hi, lionel12161!


Welcome to the Canon Community, and thanks for your post!


Looking at the product page for the CLI-226 4 pack, they're compatible with the following units:

-- PIXMA MX892 Wireless
-- PIXMA MG5320 Wireless Refurbished
-- PIXMA MG5220 Wireless Refurbished
-- PIXMA iP4920
-- PIXMA MG8120 Wireless
-- PIXMA iX6520
-- PIXMA MG5120
-- PIXMA MG5320 Wireless with PP-201
-- PIXMA iP4920 Refurbished
-- PIXMA MG5320
-- PIXMA iX6520 Refurbished
-- PIXMA MX712
-- PIXMA MX712 Wireless Refurbished
-- PIXMA MG6120 Wireless


We no longer sell any of these units directly. We recommend reaching out to the Canon Upgrade Program to explore your options. They're at 1-866-443-8002 every day from 8am to Midnight (ET). 

Thanks so much for reply.  If I read this correctly, there are no current canon printers using those inks.  Is that right?

Not that I can see... But I'm not in sales - I'm on the Social Media Team. I recommend reaching out to them - the tools Sales have are more intricate than what I have access to. They'll be able to do some digging around and see if there's anything out there that I can't see with my limited scope. 


Even if there isn't anything that uses the same ink cartridges, they might have other options available that I can't offer you.

would any of those printers be available at some office supply or electronic stores?

@lionel12161 wrote:

would any of those printers be available at some office supply or electronic stores?

Most of these are old enough that they're what we call "out of service life." That means that even if you were to purchase it brand new, there wouldn't be any support for it, because the printer shouldn't still be for sale. There is only one model on that list that might be sold, but our sales team can double-check that for you, too! They can let you know which dealers carry which units in your area. They're a super helpful bunch! They're also right here in the USA, so you don't have to worry about being outsourced. Smiley Wink