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my TR 7520 skips lines, prints only black ink


it started when paper got stuck 3 or 4 times, had to be dragged out from the inside. After that i got only prints with lines of text skipped and smudges on the left and right margins. Images print only in black, no colors come out. With a page of large text only, every other line or so prints. The test page prints only a bit from the PGI tank; nothing from the other 4 cartridges. 

i have cleared the torn paper, as far as I can see. Also replaced the PGI tank [it emptied in the course of this; the other tanks appear full enough.] And i have done several cleanings, 4-5 deep cleanings. 

Printer was working fine until the paper jams.

Any ideas? I've seen nothing in the previous comments. Thanks a heap!


Product Expert
Product Expert


I recommend to have this issue looked at by our support team. Canon does have a chat team that would be happy to assist you with this issue. Please click HERE and in the chat/ask a question box that appears, ask the chat bot to speak to a live person. Our chat agents are available Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, excluding holidays.

We look forward to hearing from you