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mx922 Not working. Error 1403: Incorrect Print Head


My Pixma 922 stopped working all of a sudden! I get Error code: 1403. It says I have an incorrect print head.


I removed all my catridges and reset the printer with no change.


Can anyone help me?


Hi there, base on canon website to resolving your problem (1403-orange light blinking 5 times) you need requires the assistance of a canon authorised service facility because the printhead probably broken
But before u do that, try to :
Remove the cartridges
Remove the printhead
Power off the printer and wait a minute;
Power on.
Installe the printhead and the cartridges.


I am also having this same issue. I have had my printer for a few years, but never had any issues and really didn't overuse it. Were you able to find a solution?


Called Canon support and they said all they can do is give me a number to a local canon authorized repairman - which is inly a 2.5 hour drive away from my house. Not sure how much it will be to fix, but something tells me it is going to be cheaper to buy a new printer.


I'm a techy person - I've tried the infamous "remove ink tanks, remove and replace print head, etc." - did not work. Left unplugged for over 10 minutes, no luck.


I saw that there was a class action law suit against Canon regarding some of their previous Pixma models, so I am leaving my comment here in case there are other MX922 owners experiencing the same thing. Maybe this is the ol' U052 error back in force with the MX922 relabeled "error code 1403"


It's a shame the error is setup the way it is. Even though the "Print head' really only has to do with printing, you should still be able to use the scan to computer feature. This error locks up the whole system. What a waste of money.

I have the same issue with my mx922.

Well it's now July of 2020, and the problem still persistis! I cleaned my printhead after getting the dreaded 'wrong print head installed' and still get the same code. Seems like there should be some way to clear the code once a new or refurbished print head has been properly installed.

Getting error 1403..  Tried removing print head and re-installing. Tried leaving unplugged for a day.  Also disassembled the print head removing the two screws on the bottom plastic component and cleaned inside with alcohol re-assembled and get the same error.  I reocmmended this model to a cusotmer about a year ago but I'll be recommending a differnt brand next time.  It seems the "built in obsolescence" team succeeded in making this printer die shortly after the warranty expired.  Has anyone replaced the print head and successfully fixed this problem?  Maybe it's a problem on the main board?

One more angry Canon MX922 owner here.  Just got the same cursed 1403 error that seems to be so common and all the usual recommendations have failed to clear the error.  


I've read here that the mainboard could also be at fault and if that's the case it could burn out a new print head, if I decide to go that route.  Is there any way to tell if it's the print head or mainboard?


My printer displayed that message after only 13 months of use, one month after the warranty expired.


Of course I tried all the tricks, to no avail.  Amazon wouldn't do anything even though the warranty was only one month expired.


The price of a new printhead was more than a new printer, so I got a model that uses the same cartridges, of which I had a large supply, and which are available with compatible ink at a great price. The printer I bought is a Canon iP7220, which is a plain printer, no frills. It prints just fine. It was on sale at Staples for $70.


Fortunately I had paid with my Visa card and I was able to collect the full amount I paid for the MX922 from the extended warranty. 

I have two mx922 had the exactly same error code 1403 print head wrong type. The error message does not make any sense since the print head come from the original box. I thing designed mx922 total broken. I have puxi a mx860, mx340, and mx450. Never have this stupid problem. Canon should refund or replacement a new printer.

I believe a class action suit is in order here.

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