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labels scrunch up and jam printer canon pixma mg3650

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I have just bought a new printer. the old one was the same make but died as 4 a page labels constantly stuck.

I have had this machine a week and already the labels are jamming the machine. the page scrunches up so just gets stuck. I am constantly having to manually remove the page, bin it and try again.

what am I doing wrong. 

Up until about a month ago the other canon pixma was fine. I had it for over a year with no problems whereas the replacement is causing the same problem after just a few days.

I had the printing preferences set at paper a4. there is no options to set it for labels as google suggests. google says just to set it at the thickest paper.

help please

bright blessings to all



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Labels are not listed as a supported paper type on the products web page.  Since it supports different paper types, its possible lables can be used, but some brands of paper or lables may work better than others.  I suggest you try another brand. 

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