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iP8720 Printer-Photo Sizing Issues


I have a Canon iP8720 Photo printer and Windows 10. I also use GIMP as my photo editor, which is almost identical to Photoshop.  I'm trying to print a 12x18" photo on 13x19" paper, and it won't do it properly.


In GIMP, I've scaled the photo to 12x18".  Then in the GIMP Page set up menu, I choose A3+ paper (13x19") and it seems to set margins on its own that I can't change. I then go to my Printer to set up for photo printing.


In the FILE PRINT and Image Setting Menu, it's set at W 11.024 x H 16.555, with the left and right positionsset. I can't change these settings, and the printer seems to default to these setting no matter what I set in the Canon Printer Preference box. I've gone into these settings to try to set what I want. I select A3+ paper size with a Custom page set up of 12x18". Then I do a printing preview, and it's goes to the the size in the File Print Image settings, which are smaller! I just want to be able to have a 12x18 photo be centered on a 13x19 photo paper so I stop wasting expensive printer paper and ink.  I don't think it should be this hard!


I talked with a computer guy who tried to help, but ended up thinking there was a compatibilty problem with my Asus CPU nad Canon printer. Does anybody  have any ideas?  Please help!


Thanks, Eloise



What happens if you take your 12x18 inch photo, and center it over a 13x19 image of pure white? That is, you then print a 13x19 image with white margins?


To save ink for this test, create just a 12x18 inch few pixel wide black or gray box.  Then see where that box is positioned in the actual print. Hopefully it will have 1/2 inch margins all around.


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