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how to scan with pixma mg2520


I have a PIXMA mg2520 all-in-one printer and I cannot figure out how to scan an image with it.  I can copy the image but I cant figure out how to view/save it on my PC.   Help please.



Hi idiousthai,


There is a program that comes with the printer named the IJ Scan Utility that can assist you with scanning.  To scan using the program, please follow these steps:


1. Place the documents on the platen glass of the printer.

2. Start the IJ Scan Utility.


    If using a Mac: Go to the Go menu of Finder, select Applications, then double-click the Canon Utilities folder, IJ Scan Utility folder, then Canon IJ Scan Utility icon to start IJ Scan Utility.


    If using a Windows computer: Go to your Start menu, then select All Programs (or All Apps if Windows 10), then Canon Utilities, then IJ Scan Utility (folder), then IJ Scan Utility (program).


3. In the Canon IJ Scan Utility window that opens, click SETTINGS.... in the bottom right of the window. The Settings dialog box appears.


4. Click the PHOTO SCAN option on the left pane of the window, then set the item size, resolution, etc. as required.


5. In the SAVE SETTINGS section of the window, you will select the save format and location of the image you are about to scan.


a.) In the FILE NAME field, specify the name you would like to give the file. By default the filename will begin with IMG; you can remove IMG and change it to whatever you would like to name the file.


b.) In the DATA FORMAT field, use the drop-down arrow to select the desired option. 


c.) In the SAVE IN field, please navigate to the area where you would like the file to be saved once it is scanned in. By default, the file will be saved in the MY DOCUMENTS folder.


6. Once all settings have been selected, click the OK button at the bottom of the SETTINGS (PHOTO SCAN) window. The IJ Scan Utility main screen appears.


7. Click the PHOTO button. Scanning starts. Click the CANCEL button to cancel scanning if needed. Scanned images are saved in previously selected folder location specified in the SETTINGS... window.


Please note that if you want to scan documents, you would follow the steps above, except for instead of selecting the PHOTO SCAN option, you would select the DOCUMENT SCAN option in step 4, and you would click on the DOCUMENT button in step 7 instead of the PHOTO button.


Once the items above are set for document or photo scanning, in the future, you will only need to launch the IJ Scan Utility, then press either the DOCUMENT or PHOTO button to perform the scan (unless you want to make changes to the settings).


Hope this helps!

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I have a MacBook Air, which has no CD reader, so I don't have the Canon Utilities Folder or the Canon IJ Scan Utility.  I got my Driver online and downloaded it, but it doesn't have those folders and I'm not finding anything about the scanning function.

Hi plarudee,


Please download and install the "Full Driver and Software Package" for your PIXMA MG2520.  This download contains the scanner driver and scanning software needed to perform a scan with your PIXMA MG2520.  To download and install this, please follow these steps:


 1.  Visit Canon's website at:


 2.  Type PIXMA MG2520 in the "Enter a Model" and click GO.


 3.  In the Drivers & Downloads section, under Recommended, please click the Select button next to the MG2500 series Full Driver & Software Package.


 4.  Click the Download button.


 5.  If a Save dialog box appears, click Save.


 6.  Once the download is complete, open your Downloads folder.


 7.  Double click [mac-mg2500-1_4-mcd.dmg]. A disk image will be created.


 8.  Double click the disk image.


 9.  Double click the "Setup" file to launch the setup screen.


By following the instructions on the screen, install your PIXMA MG2520 on your computer.


Once reinstalled, please attempt to scan using the IJ Scan Utility:

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There is no MG2500 series. I have put it inn the search engine as well and it comes up with nothing.

I am sure it does not explain this anywhere. Thank you so much!!

How about if I'm using Linux Mint ?



thanks alots for sharing


How do I scan with my pixma mg2520?


how to scan with pixma mg2520

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