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how to reprogram the copy button to scan on canon TS3425 ?


Hello there!

i just bought this TS3425 printer and it's pretty neat !

I've been having fun scanning things all weekend, testing out the software.

But this copy feature is useless to me since I bought it more for the scan and print features than copy. 

So i thought it would be awesome to just scan papers and save them to my nas without having to use my computer.

The scan feature is too computer centric and it's great if you are at a pc all day, but the reason I bought this is so i can quickly scan a proof of payment and some receipts when I get home to have them digitized. I'd just like to get home, slap the piece of paper on there and press the scan button and just go do my thing in the kitchen and be ready for me when i get on my laptop. That would be pretty cool !

I've seen plenty of all-in-ones do something like that (I think or it was just copying the original to paper?), but anyway they're all crazy expensive or for businesses.

Anyhoo, can we do something like that with the TS3425, is there a way to reprogram one of the copy buttons to a scan function? i mean i don't need 2 copy buttons, one b/w and one color right? 

Or maybe someone knows of a modder forum for this? But I'd rather use the stock firmware and have the experts help with this.

Anyhoo (again, i say that too often haha but i digress), i look forward to your ideas,


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