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better pixma g7020 interface/ printer management?



Is there any software or anything available for the pixma g7020 that will allow you to change settings and view printer status? For example, for some reason, I have had my wireless connection drop multiple times in the middle of a 1000 page print job. This interrupts the print job and seems to make it start over from page 1. I have to go to the printer and manually see which page was printed last, find the document on my computer, start another print job with custom page printing parameters (done through Windows' print prompt) so that I don't re-print what I've already done, and then I have to wait for the print job to re-spool (which takes about 1hr w/ 1000 pgs.), and then hopefully the printing will resume correctly.

It would be nice if there was a way of seeing the print progress, last page printed, re-start printing from last page printed, and other print info (other than the tiny little que/ spool screen). Also, how do you easily access the network settings, password setup, bonjour settings, air print, etc...


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Canon Customer,

The PIXMA G7020 does not have additional software that would indicate how many pages have printed from your current print job.

Accessing the network settings of your PIXMA G7020 is done through the operator's panel on the printer itself.  To access these settings, please follow these steps:

1.  Turn your PIXMA G7020 on.

2.  Press the wrench and screwdriver button one time.

3.  Use the right arrow to select Device settings and press OK.

4.  Use the right arrow to select LAN settings and press OK.

5.  Select Wi-Fi and press OK.

6.  Use the right arrow to select Manual setup and press OK.

Use the left and right arrows to select the item that you wish to adjust and press OK.




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Thank you for the reply.

Do yall offer any printers that retain or improve the functions of the g7020 and also have a usb port for thumb drives and software that does what I described above?