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Why are Canon printers looking so cheap?


I have a PIXMA MX892 and it has been a great printer, but because of Windows 11 I had to get another printer. I bought a PIXMA TR8620 and it looks so cheap. My MX892 just looks like a nice high dollar printer with a lot of options like duplex scanning where the TR8620 falls short. I love the automatic lowering paper door on the MX892 and the color monitor, ti's just an all around awesome machine. The TR8620 is plain has a pull out paper extension that sticks out out so far that you will hit it and is so flimsy. No duplex scanning even though it was in the same price range as my MX892 and it just looks cheap. Canon can you go back to making a home printer that we can be impressed about having again. It just seems like Canon went backwards and upcharged for crap.