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Why Install the XPS Printer Driver?


I am updating the driver for my PIXMA MP990 running on Windows 8.1 Pro x64, and I noticed that I have a choice of two drivers: There is the 'regular' driver that support 8 bits per character (bpc) and an XPS driver that supports 16 bpc. How do I decide which one to install? It seems intuitive that 16 bpc beats 8 bpc, but is it correct?



After doing some research I can reply to my own question.


First, bpc stands for 'bits per channel'. Having more bits allows you (actually, your printer driver) to more accurately specify the colors in the photo it is printing. A photo's color will print more accurately with a 16 bpc driver. However, you'll only realize the benefit if you have advanced photo editing software that can work with 16 bpc images.


I don't have that kind of advanced photo editing software. And if I was that interested in color accuracy, I wouldn't be using an inexpensive printer like the MP990, quite frankly.

With Canon MFP printers (including scanner), the XPS will probably scan higher quality color photos.

I am not sure of this, but suspect this is one reason the XPS is included on black and white MFP printers/scanners from Canon