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Washed out colors on Pixma G3420


I bought the Pixma G3420 a month ago, and was trying since then to get a good printed photo out of it but all my tries went in vain.

The Unfortunate fact is that there is no printing options present for Mac OSX devices. And all my photos are washed out. There is no colour shift, but the colours are dimmed and washed out especially the black. I tried the cleaning thing and all, also tried official glossy paper and different other brands, and in the colour test the colors come on paper alright, but when printing a photo it is really bad. Is there any fix for that?

And is there a way to get density option alongside the other printing options that shows for windows yours on mac. I was really searching for a month to find a fix to this. Cheers!




I also have this problem. Why there are no answers??? Anybody from Canon ever read this topic??????????! I bought printer and the colors are awful by printing via AirPrint! How to fix it? I need fix asap. Canon is a huge company and making printers for decades, why no help at all?

I found a video on the matter that explains why the photos printed are washed out and look awful. The reason is this printer does not print black when printing full-color photos. But there is a fix I did not personally try, but it worked for many. You can put the photo in a word file and then print it. In this case, the black will be pushed to be printed.  I hope this would work for you. 




I have the same problem with a brand new G1420 too. Shameful colors and the black is terrrible. Any software solution? I have tried ICC and color profiles too. 

I watched a video on Youtube and even talked with the guy there and he told me why this is happening. When printing directly on glossy paper from Photoshop or any software the printer does not even print black because it's supposedly 4 colors only. The solution he tried and I tried too and it gave me better results is to take the photo you would like to print and insert it in a word file, then start printing it. For some reason, Only, in this case, the printer does print black too. I hope that helps. I ended up buying another brand anyway and I sold my Canon.

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