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Trouble printing B&W Photos on my Canon MG7520 Printer


I am using a NEW Canon MG7520 printer, my old one that had to be 12 years old, at least, gave up the ghost. I was able to find a new, unused printer, that matched my old one, which I loved. It prints beautiful color photos, it's the B&W problem. I want true B&W prints, no other color used.

I found one way that works. Set printer for plain paper, even if using photo paper. DO NOT SET it for Borderless printing. Go to Quality & Media, set for Standard Printing and Grayscale Printing. It will then print in true B&W. If you set it for borderless printing it will not work. It will print a true B&W, excellent print. BUT, they have a super fine black line going through them, the lines are about an inch a part, hardly noticeable, but still there. If I print the photos on photo paper, even using grayscale printing they come out sharp and no lines appearing, but with other color added and not a true B&W, the lines are not there, but the photos are no longer true B&W. As I said it prints beautiful color photos with no problem.

Any suggestions?