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TS9520 ADF copy bad - everything crooked


My TS9520 is fairly new -- well within warranty.  I usually just print and scan, not too much copying.  I notice scanned stuff comes in crooked but  fortunately, thePDF editor will straighten them.


However, when I make a copy thru the ADF, the copy comes out crooked.  I make sure the guide is nice and snug and the front edge of the paper is even with the grabbers.  But as it goes through, it is very clear that it is becoming crooked.  I can't get a straight copy no matter what.    Even with the guide not snug, it still becomes crooked.  It feels like one grabber is working better than the other and pulling to one side.  It also feels like maybe there should be more grabbers.  Two doesn't seem to be enough.


I'm not sure if it happens with a stack of papers. I wonder if the weight of the stack mabye keeps it straight???   I can't remember copying a stack.   I also can't say for sure one way or another if this was like this from the beginning.  I think I would have noticed it earlier, but not sure.


I looked in troubleshooting to see if there is anything about cleaning the grabbers but couldn't find anything.  Couldn't find a support email.


Is this fixable?





Product Expert
Product Expert



Make sure that the document guide is adjusted to match the width of the document.  Do not press the guide too hard against the document as this will cause feeding issues.


Also, make sure that you are using standard plain paper and not thick or specialty media.  Visit THIS LINK for details about what size and type of paper is supported with the ADF.


If the feeding issues persist, please contact our support group at 1-800-652-2666 for warranty options.

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