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TS9020 Code 6004


The printer was working fine a few weeks ago. I just replaced the ink cause they were running low and now it's giving me the 6004 code. When it turns on, it'll take paper from the rear loading tray and run it though to the output.


I checked for paper jams underneath the scanner tray and through the back. I see no obstructions. I purchased this printer in 2018. Anything else I can do? 



Support Code 6004 generally means that there may be foreign material (such as scraps of paper) inside the printer. 


I'd take a second look and try reseating the ink cartridges, etc.  Its easy to miss jams (corners of papers,etc) or obstructions.  A flashlight is often helpful. 


If no such material is found, your printer will require service. This could be costly.


From Canon:


Out of Warranty – If you are outside of your warranty period, you do qualify for a replacement through the Canon Upgrade Program. Please contact our Sales group to inquire about your upgrade options at 866-443-8002.

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