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TS8320 color is off - is it my fault for using 3rd party ink?

New Contributor

My color prints have a slight blueish shift.  And my grayscale photos look "teal" instead of neutral gray.


I think I'm doing everything right on the PC side.  Calibrated, profiled display - and when I order prints from some place like WHCC they match the colors I see on my monitor.  All good.


Now I have a TS8320 and am printing on Red River polar matte card stock.  I got an ICC profile from Red River, for this paper and this printer, and installed it in Windows.  When printing, I'm setting PS Elements to manage color, and specifying that ICC profile.  In the Canon driver, I set Manual color control, and Matching to "None".   But the color is off.


Now the confession:  I'm using 3rd party "Toner ink Kingdom" cartridges for C, M ,Y and B, along with genuine Canon PGBK and PB.  These CMY cartridges were well reviewed on Amazon, and the nozzle check print looks good. 


Are these alien inks possibly the cause of the color shift?     Is that ICC profile really only good with Canon inks?  Or is mixing ink vendors a bad idea?