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TS5320 not printing Photoshop PDFs in Acrobat Pro /Mac


I'm trying to print a photo pdf (created from a Photoshop jpg) from Acrobat Pro, latest build. All of a sudden, when I try to print, it's insisting on printing from the rear tray and wants card or legal stock. It won't print from the cassette. I hadn't changed any print settings.

I was able to print an Excel pdf, a .txt pdf, an InDesign pdf from Acrobat. I'm able to print the photo pdf from Preview. Not from Acrobat.

I'm getting an error message: "The following paper is not loaded in the rear tray: Legal"

I've tried print settings of Feed autoselect and of main cassette (each way); Media type: Plain paper; Quality: Normal. I'm not using the rear tray at all.

I've tried turning the printer off and then on again, because why not?

Canon's latest firmware installed on the printer.

Does anyone know what might be going on?