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TS 8320 printer won't print cd's anymore???


My TS 8320 printer won't print cd's anymore. I've unplugged the printer thinking it would reset with no luck. I've downloaded the drivers with no luck. I've tried several times to print a NEW blank CD-R WHITE INKJET cd.  I load it in the multi-purpose tray and to start the printing process and wait for the instructions on the printer, then I insert the tray to where the arrows indicate, then the printer takes the tray to begin the printing process and then the printer spits the tray and the cd out of the printer, still blank with no printing on it???  I don't know what's wrong, but it printed before with no problems??? Does anyone have some suggestions?  The Canon tech tried to fix the problem online but after he tried everything he could think of, he told me to get another printer.  Go figure?

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