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TR7520 will not print in draft mode on Mac


I bought a tr7520 so I didn't have to buy a multi clour ink cartridge when I am uning mosting one colour. Years ago I pixma printer that had the same multi cartridge feature and never had an issue with it. This new one will not let me select draft mode to print. This stinks. I have read that this is an issue with Canon printers and Macs. However, my old cheapo Canon MG series print has no problem printing in draft mode. So what gives? I use a cable, not the wifi to connect o my computer.


Do I truly need to put the old MG series back up to printer in draft?




Based on what I've read, this does not seem to be possible in earlier versions of MAC OS.  I have not tested in Catalina or Big Sur.  Not sure if its related to Canon or Apple.  Connection type doesn't matter either.

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I thought as much. I use Mojave OS. While I saw this issue for other series, I did not see it for the TR series. Had I known this, I would not have bought this printer. It seems all complaints to Canon go unheard or uncared about. I most likely have bought my last Canon printer.


Thank you for your response.

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