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Support Code 1403- install Correct Print Head?- I have a pixma MG5522


I have never had any issues with this printer until now. It wont let me do anything and says I need to Install the Correct Print Head. It was bought with all origional pieces? What do I need to do?


I seen someone else post about this issue and I followed there guidlines but they had a slightly different printer and didnt have the same interior as mine.


I restarted the printer, took out all the ink cartridges as what was said to do and looked for the grey lever they were talking about but I dont think mine has one?


Any way the printer is still on support code 1403 so someone please help!




I have attempted to clean printhead. I have tried all the hard resets and new cartridges. Sorry Canon you made a junk product and have lost my trust as a consumer. I will also try to prevent others from making the same mistake as I did. Just ordered a new Brother printer for me. Error 1403 is a huge failure on Canons part.

Yea I maybe used my printer 25 times in 5 years for very minimal draft page printing. A real disappointment.


Same error, did all the recommended fixes.  Looks like I will be buying a new non-canon printer......

I got the same error on my Canon mg 6620. I tried everything you suggested. Is this printer garbage now? If so, I will never buy a canon again.

Yes, it is garbage. The only repair suggestion from Canon is to buy a new print head. Which is fine, but most people that buy a new print head still get the same error. Then Canon jsut shrugs their shoulders and may offer you a 5% discount on a printer than you can buy for a 50% discount from many other places.


It would be like taking your car to the mechanic because you have warning light on and they say, you should buy some parts and see if that fixes it. 


Don't throw money away on trying to fix a problem that likely can't be fixed.


So, I just got a secondhand PIXMA MG7520 from facebook, it was 20 bucks and working (the only images was it off and it on with the inktray up, ironic), so I get it home, hook it up and it shows the fable “printerhead invalid” and in my case I couldnt even get to the menu so literally stuck on the error, I tried resetting it, I washed the head off, cleaned the contacts with alcohol, cleaned the contact surface inside the printer, tried resetting the cartridges and nothing. after punching it a few times I decided to take it apart because since it doesn’t “work” I cant make it worse, I took the leftside panel off and saw the three ribbon cables going to the head connector and I just started unhooking them, and turning it on to see what happened, until I got left with the combination of leaving the center ribbon cable off and the two corner ones on and to my surpise.. it finally got to the **bleep** home screen, I tested scanning something and printing it, it worked, tested printing a calibration page, it worked, connected it to my wifi and sent a test page from the computer.. it also worked. So I have no clue what that middle ribbon cable does but for some reason it worked for me, and as soon as I plug it back in, it throws the error. (its also reading toner levels) So I’m not saying “do this!” and I dont know the longterm effects, but it worked for me, if you have nothing to lose.. maybe give it a go. In the future I might take it apart all the way to the head assembly and see why that particular cable is wonky.

My cannon went to the electronics recycling center!!

Shame that, but its the only option if all else fails.

I'm sure many of these failures (not just Canon either) are avoidable at the design/manufacturing stage but I suppose they want us all to keep buying new!

And there was I thinking that we were suppose to be saving the planet, perhaps not.


does replacing ink with new fix the problem?

is this covered under warranty?

No, new ink will not fix the problem. Even a new print head will most likely not fix the problem. A couple people have been lucky on this forum with a certain technique, you 'll have to read through, but must of us were left with a brick.


It is probably covered under warranty if it is a new printer.

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