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Strange problem with Canon MG4540S PGBK


Hello All,

I have a canon MG5450s multi-function printer that has started to print strange effect on the PGBK ink

Having tried cleaning the head etc., and replacing the ink cartridges, re aligning, has not solved the problem

If it is not a hardware problem, could it be driver / firmware related.

I am using Windows10

I have included an image showing the PGBK part of the nozzle print to explain my problem. Hoping someone can suggest a solution.

Many Thanks



MG5450S Print Error.jpg





Me too.  Canon should be helping us and fix this problem!!!


My printer is a MG7120 but its the same problem (and looks like a lot of the Canon printers have this problem).  Only switching the paper type to matte photo or high-resolution paper (which stops using the PGBK ink) has worked.  This is wasteful, SLOW, and worse quality for text.  


I puchased a printerhead cleaning kit.  I spent a whole day cleaning the printer head.  I purchased all new ink.  I wasted a ton of ink doing a bunch of nozzle checks, printhead alignment, deep cleaning, etc.  The only thing that works is to NOT use the PGBK cartridge.  


Its CRAZY that canon won't give us a new printer head for free.  Heck I want them to also give me replacement ink for what I wasted trying to solve this problem that is obviously in their hardware or firmware.  Ugh.