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Solved: PIXMA TR8622a keeps saying my printer is offline


so i just got a canon TR8622a, normally go with hp but decided to give this a try. got it all setup and connected to wifi router and have direct connection wifi turned on as well for mobile use. had nothing but issues and still do. 

the laptop running windows 11 (specs are overkill for anything) wouldnt detect it turns out it was firewall related. at the time it was showing it was online after i fixed that. now no matter what i do/try it keeps saying its offline and my phone is android wont even pick it up where it did before and my familys iphone doesnt even pick it up not sure about that as i left that lifestyle years ago. not sure where to start as it connected to it before couldnt test print due to no paper.

however the router is at least 8yrs old. (still works like it did from day one.) and handles modern online games just fine without trouble. 

thank you

well managed to fix the problem decided to start over. and now its printing hopefully it stays this way. didnt know the display panel had to be fully extended to print as i keep it at an angle when in use.  

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