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Slow duplex printing

I bought the MX922 August of last year to replace a IP 4200 that went belly up after over 10 years of outstanding service.
I am pleased with the MX922 print output, both text and color.
The startup time while long, doesn't bother me much.
My Pro100 also takes a while to start up, but unfortunately it does not duplex print.
What does bother me is the fact that this unit takes over 85 minutes to print a 140 page document.
I often print fairly large text double-sided monochrome documents, 40 to 150 pages.
I have it set for quiet mode and duplex which is not the fastest print settings. I did not see this, nor was it mentioned when I purchased it. Still though, going from 15 pages per minute to less than 2 is an unacceptable snail's pace.
The IP 4200 was much faster than this. If my text printing needs should increase, this printer will not suffice.
It is unfortunate that the product specifications cover best case senerios, which are not usually real world.