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Setting up TS3520 All in One Wireless Printer


Hi everyone!


I just wanted to share how I was able to set up the wireless abilities on the Canon TS3520. 

I did do a search on the forums and came up 404.


Canon website and information on setting up the TS3520 left me frustrated and confused.


After spending an entire day on the printer I discovered how to set up the wireless ability.


First and foremost you WILL need a USB cable (Not included with the printer).


Okay now I will walk you through how I was able to set up the printer and how to configure Windows 10 to use the printer wirelessly on your wifi network.


Setting up TS3520 Canon Wireless All in One Printer:


1) Attach a USB cable from the printer to a computer or laptop.

2) Download or Start Up the "Canon Wifi Assistant".

3) In the dropdown menu select USB

4) If the printer is not shown ... Click the Update Icon located just under the words "Printer Settings".

5) Once the printer is shown ... Right click on the printer name and select "Network Settings".

6) It will have a window pop-up that asks for the Printer's Password.

6a) You can get this information by clicking the ( i ) icon on the printer and print out the information.

6b) You can also get this information from the Serial Number on the back of your printer.

7) A new window will appear asking for; Network Type ... Besure that "Infrastructure" is selected

😎 Next to Network Name click the "Search" button

9) Your wifi network SSID should show on a list of possible Wifi SSID's found. Select yours

10) Leave all other options below 'Network Name' as default.

11) Click the "Set" button and a new window will appear asking for the SSID password to the Wifi you choose. Enter in the password.

12) Click "Set" again.

13) To the right of Product Name the Status should read "Setup Complete".

14) In the dropdown menu choose the "IP4" option and you should see it now reads "Available" under Status.

15) Disconnect your USB cable from your computer.


Windows 10 Setup for TS3520 Canon All in One Printer


1) Make sure Network Sharing and Discover is on.


If you open File Explorer, go to Network, and see an error message ("Network discovery is turned off…."), you'll need to turn on Network discovery to see devices on the network that are sharing files. To turn it on, select the Network discovery is turned off banner, then select Turn on network discovery and file sharing.


1a) You should now be able to "Search" for the printer TS3500 Series on the network. IF your printer is not found follow the steps below to correctly find your printer.


These next steps are if the printer is not found and requires the USB connection so that the printer is 'seen' as 'connected' to the computer.


2) Click on the "Gear" icon to go to the Control Panel. Then click "Devices" and then "Devices and Printers"

3) A window will appear displaying devices and printers. Left click on the Canon TS3500 series icon. A new window will appear.

4) Left click on "Display Printer Properties"

5) Left click on the tab labeled "Ports". By default the printer will be on a port called USB001.

6) Click on "Add Port" and a new window will appear.

7) From the list choose "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click the button "New Port"

😎 You will get a message asking to make sure the device is turned on and your network is connected/configured. Click the "Next" button.

9) Enter in the IP number for your printer. If you need this information it is listed when you pressed the ( i ) on the printer.

10) Click "Next" and you should see now the listed port you just created. Click the box to add a "Check Mark" which enables the port.

11) Disconnect your USB cable from your computer and select a file to print. In your print options select the printer TS3500 Series and your document should print without the need of the USB cable.


If you have any questions. Feel free to ask and I will do my best to assist you.



Celticfox (Robert)