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Selphy CP1300 Keeps Betraying Me


My Selphy CP1300 has a habit of simply quitting on me in the middle of a gig. It's happened 2 times in the past 2 weeks ON LOCATION. This time I had my trusty busty IP110 to show me some love and save the day, but the last time, I did not.


This is not the first time it's happened, It's done it before, but then again, there have been times when it's run perfectly fine for hours, without a hitch. I spent good money on it, so I don't want to just chuck it. It doesn't matter if it's connected via USB or wifi direct, it just quits printing, and shows that little squiggly line in the Print Jobs. Or, the Print Job will SAY it's "Printing," and I sit there and stare at the display, waiting for it to say "Busy" and do its darn job. I rebooted it, as well as my MBP, I reset the settings back to default, disconnected, and connected the wifi settings. I did everything I could think of, including deleting it and adding it as a new printer. No go. Connected the IP110, Bam, flashing light, printing. It even printed wirelessly. Strange thing is, today, when I tried everything I did last night on the Selphy, it started printing. Angry...


Needless to say, I had to apologize to clients a million times, embarrassed beyond belief as I switched over to the other printer. Rather, I guess I should say "potential clients," because I watched as my money walked away, from my not being able to print their pics off right then and there. Plus, they had waited patiently in line to get their pictures taken, to begin with. Some of them actually met with me today to get the pictures I didn't have time to print off last night. I'm a diehard Canon fan, but I'm extremely disappointed.


Is anyone else or has anyone else run into this problem?