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Intentional "blurry" black on PIXMA iP7250?


I'm using a nice iP7250 via WLAN. Since some days an error occured which superficially seen seemed to be a unaligned or dirty print head. So I firstly initiated a deep cleaning process via CANON IJ Printer Utility, then a manual alignment. But the test page still showed the sinistral mixed color stripes to be blurry.

A deeper inspection with a magnifier revealed the BK (not: PGBK) to be the reason for this error.

But instead a supposed hardware problem it got obvious to be a software thing:

The blurryness is the outcome of an ordely misprinting only of the micropixels of the BK color determined portion of the printed impression.

The magnification of the test page shows the irregularity:



While the PGBK (and all of the other colors) is still working properly:


I suspect the shown error to be an intentional software problem, probably a planned obsolescence.

The printed page for manual alignment substantiates my suspicion even better: The misprinting follows an traceable pattern. Furthermore the problem occurs to be more visible while using the paper format A4 borderless. So, what could be done here?

Thanx for Your support in advance!



Hi, I found a really weird workaround (I have MX726).


I discovered that if I print from a web browser (I use Chrome) then my documents are actually readable. There's still a slight blur, but the improvement is astronomical.


I'd be comfortable sending a letter with how well it improves when printed from Chrome.