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Scanner probs in my MP990


My mp990 scanner doesn't work. Please help me repair it! I've tried installing new drivers but I keep getting a message that says "The Printer Could Not Be Detected on the Network."


Please note: My printer DOES print. It just won't scan.



Hi Schmoopy!


I will be happy to assist you with your issue scanning on a network.  In order to do so, I will need to know the operating system installed on your computer.  Also, please confirm if you have the printer connected via a wired ethernet or wireless connection. The printer should not be connected via a USB cable to your router as this will allow for network printing but not network scanning.

Ethernet cable

Hi Schmoopy,


There may be a program running in the background that is interfering with the detection of your printer.  I would like to try putitng your computer in the Selective Startup which will temporarily disable any programs running in the background.  Use the following steps to set the computer to Selective Startup:


 1.  Press the Windows key on the keyboard and then press R.


 2.  In the Open box of the Run window, type msconfig and and then click OK.


 3.  In the General tab of the System Configuration Utility window, click on the Selective Startup radio button.


 4.  Remove the check in the Load Startup Items box.


 5.  Click the Services tab.


 6.  At the bottom of the Services tab, click Hide all Microsoft Services box.  The window will refresh.


 7.  Under Service column, uncheck each box that is left in this tab.


 8.  Click Apply and then Close.


 9.  Click Restart.


10.  Proceed to install your printer to see if the issue you described has been corrected.


11.  After installing your printer, repeat steps 1 and 2, click Normal Startup and then restart your computer.


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I have a similar problem. My MP990 scanner will work fine when connected to my wireless LAN router via cable but cannot make the connection wirelessly. How can I fix this?

Hi eddo,


To change the printer from wireless to wired, you would have to go through the setup again from the beginning.  Please try the following:


1. Turn on the computer, then insert the Setup CD-ROM into the CDROM drive.

The setup program will start automatically.

  • If the program does not start automatically, double-click the CD-ROM icon in Computer or My Computer. When the CD-ROM contents appear, double-click MSETUP4.EXE.


Windows Vista -> 2

Windows XP/2000 -> 3

2. Click Run Msetup4.exe on the AutoPlay screen, then click Continue on the User Account Control dialog box.

If the User Account Control dialog box reappears in following steps, click Continue.

3. Click Easy Install.

The drivers, application software, and on-screen manuals are installed all together.

  • If you want to select particular items to install, click Custom Install.

For Windows Vista

  • You can install the XPS Printer Driver from Custom Install. (Windows Vista SP1 or later.)
  • When installing the XPS Printer Driver, select the MP Drivers at the same time.
  • The XPS Printer Driver is a printer driver suitable for printing High Dynamic Range images (full 16-bit workflow) using Easy-PhotoPrint Pro.

4. Click Install.


For Windows Vista/XP

  • If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or later, you can use the Web print software Easy-WebPrint EX. An internet connection is required for installation. (It is also possible to install this software later.)

5. Select Use the printer on network, then click Next.

6. Read the License Agreement screen carefully and click Yes.

  • Follow any on-screen instructions to proceed with the software installation.

7. When the Please Allow All Install Wizard Processes screen appears, click Next.

8. When the Printer Detection screen appears, click Next.

  • If the Printer Detection screen is not displayed, the connection method is not correctly selected in step 5. Click Cancel and start again from step 4, then be sure to select Use the printer on network in step 5.

9. When the Detected Printers List dialog box appears, select the machine, then click Next.

When the Setup Completion dialog box appears, click Next or Complete.

    • If the machine is not detected, Check Printer Settings dialog box is displayed. Refer to the printed manual: Network Setup Troubleshooting. Make sure there is no problem, then click Next again on the screen in step 8.
    When the Connection Performance Measurement dialog box appears, click Next.

Confirm the measurement results, then click Finish.

Ensure that  is displayed in Connection Performance between the Printer and the Access Point.

  • You can cancel measuring by clicking Cancel. You also examine the detailed status of the communication link after setup. For details, refer to the on-screen manual: Advanced Guide.

  • If an icon other than  appears, improve the communication status by referring to the displayed message or the help file, then click Remeasurement.
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My Pixma MP 990 prints from computer, but doesn't copy. I get a blank page when trying to copy something on the platen. It scans film ok and prints stuff from my computer.  The blue tank  was dry and I replaced.  STill no printing when trying to copy something. Everything else seems to workWireless connection with windows 10. Help Help!

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