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Scanner Tool not connecting to my scanner


I had my Canon connected over WiFi at my old house.  At my new house I have it connected via USB.  I've gone through the rigamarole of reinstalling/setting the same printer as default for my computer.


It used to be called Canon TS3300 series, now it's called Canon TS3300 series (copy 1).


When I'm printing, it works just fine, but when I try to scan using the IJ Scan Utility, it only shows the original option, and says it can't communicate with the scanner, Code: 5, 157, 69.


I scanned a page some other wonky way I can't even remember and it turned it into a bitmap image I can't email to people because it's too large, but the scanner DOES still work and IS connected to this computer, but the IJ Scanner Utility can only see the original settings I put in place with the WiFi connection.