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[SOLVED]Windows 8 driver for CanoScan 8600F?


I have a CanoScan 8600F scaner and cant use it because I cant find any driver for Windows 8.


Is there something I can do or is W8 just a bust and I have to uninstall it?


Thanks for any help.


EDIT: For others with the same problem here is what you have to do. It's quite easy...just download the Windows 7 driver. If you have the 64bit version of Windows 8 then download the 64bit version for Windows 7.


And just download CanoScan Toolbox 5.0 for Windows 8, yes it supports Windows 8.


Thats it...



Even though Canon has failed to provide a driver for Win 8-8.1, for once, Microsoft was useful.


The Canoscan 8600F will work with Windows 8.1 !! 

The following is the successful procedure: You do not have to use the Canon Toolbox icon  program to start this !!


1. Power up the Canoscan (which must have been installed).

2.  Open the Control Panel in Windows 8.1

3. Go to Devices list

4. Click on the Canoscan icon

5. Click on the [ SCAN ] button, and it will scan.

6. Save it to the default site or change that to Desktop or......