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Printing Blank DVDs - no ink on surface despite 'printing' (MX925)


Hi there, 


I'm trying to print onto a blank DVD (straight onto the surface) from Image Garden, like I have done countless times before. However although sounding and looking like it is printing, the disc is coming out completely clean.


It's as though everything inside is completely bone dry. I'm not very tech savvy so any thoughts or advice would be hugely welcome. 


It's worth mentioning that ink levels are full! Normal printing (on paper) seems to be fine.


Thanks in advance



Hi DanielleGiddins,


Even though the ink tanks are showing that they are full, we recommend performing a nozzle check from the printer to determine if all of the inkjet nozzles are dispensing the ink correctly.  To do this, please follow the steps shown here.  When the nozzle check pattern prints, it should look like the image provided here.


If the nozzle check pattern did not print correctly, please perform at least one cleaning and two deep cleanings on the unit by following the steps shown here.  Should the issue continue, we ask that you please contact the Canon support team for your location for further assistance by clicking here and selecting the country or region closest to you.

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I have the very same issue. Using default Disc Tray J settings for paper size means the print is incorrect as the default size is incorrect. using a custom Paper Size (120mm by 120mm) means the printer goes through all the motions of printing but then spits the tray out with absolutely nothing printed on the CD. I have new ink cartridges and the heads are all working correctly. The issue lies in the My Image Garden software which frankly is unfit for purpose!