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Printer cartridge lamps not lighting on new PIXMA IP8720


I am attempting to install ink cartridges for the first time in a new PIXMA 8720.  According to the instructions, "lamps" should light on the cartridges once they are installed, but that's not happening.  I've taken them out and tried again, and I also tried disconnecting the power for 15 minutes.  Also, the power light and error light are alternating flashes.




Do the cartridges have a protective tape?  All packaging needs to be removed.  Also make sure you are putting the correct cartridge into the correct slot. 

Canon Knowledge Base - Replacing an Ink Tank (iP8720) 

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The only thing left on the cartridges is the strip that names the color.  It starts right below the Y marking and ends with a patch of the color and the color letter.  And yes, I definitely had them in the correct slots for the color.  At this point the start light and the error light are blinking back and forth continuously.  I counted the blinks, and there are 19 - the help manual has nothing that matches 19 blinks.


Hi BarbK!

Thanks for reaching out on the forum! With the information you provided, our Support Team will be able to help you resolve the error codes and ink issues you are having. The issue may be linked to the sensors on the ink cartridges themselves. 
Our Support team will help determine the issue and help you accordingly. click HERE to access all support options.

Thanks and have a great day!


When I try to click through the link you provided, it won't recognize my email account.  It's the same email account I've used for all my other communications the past 2 days, and it just worked to log in now.  Is there another link I can use to access the support options?   

If you're referring to your forum account, it's a separate account from your MyCanon account registration, so if you haven't already registered your PIXMA iP8720, you'll need to do so.  That link again is right here.

Thanks, Danny.  Turns out I have a lemon, but they are replacing it for me so it's all good.