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Where Is The Actual Ink Service Enrollment Page?


Okay to be honest, I already never like Canon. Owning one of the printers just reassures my natural dislike of the brand. I received a PIXMA TR4522 and after hours of the same thing and still landing back to square one to keep signing in, keep registering, and keep going to the "subscriptions" page there is NO enrollment for the ink service. Not only that I've only has the printer for a little over a week and have had to refill the inks TWICE. Something better give and I better not receive the same repeat link it doesn't work. So if no actual solution comes our of wasting my time to create a username for this crap, I'm definitely throwing the printer away in the trash where it apparently needs to be. So, what's up canon support or who ever? Where's that actually enrolment link? Do nor send me to the page to any other page besides where it actually does something. I'd rather stick with HP ad spending the $45 for both my premium inks than deal with this crap. That ink isn't covered under their personal ink service but it's worth the price after wasting so much time on this junk. 



Hey daytonohio,

The only ink subscription plan that the TR4522 qualifies for is our Auto Replenishment Service.

Click this link

Then follow these steps:

Scroll down to find PIXMA Printers.


Then click on PIXMA printers and look for PIXMA TR4522 and select it.


Then select your OS version.



From there you'll be able to download and sign up for your subscription service. If you need any further assistance with the subscription service give our Sales Team a call at 1-800-385-2155 Monday- Friday 9am-9pmEST


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