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Print head not printing


I have a ip3500 and 2 print heads that I have been  cleaning with hot water as they become clogged. Now both have stopped printing after the last cleaning . One stopped printing black shortly  after a good nozzle check, the other stopped printing colors after a good nozzle check .Now absolutly no ink comes out , but the head moves normally. Should I buy a new print head or is there a bigger problem and trash the printer?  

Thanks in advance for your advise



I would certainly not feel confortable telling you to buy a new print head much less a new printer without seeing them.

But I do wonder why you need to have two print heads that you have to clean so much or often.  I have never cleaned a print head off of the printer.  Plus, I don't print as often as I used to since retirement.  That is harder on a printer than using it everyday.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thanks for your interest ebiggs. I do a lot of printing and when the printer croaks I save the pirnt head and get a new printer compatible to the saved printheads,. . My basic question considering the printer acts normal and I reinstalled the softwareis could this be a malfunction in the in the hardware sending signals to the print head?

If this is reasonable  or possible othen I would think replacing the printhead would not be the solution. Considering  3 print heads no longer work on this printer this is a logical conclusion if it is ''technically' possible,



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