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Pixma iP4200 printer quit printing black text even though black ink tanks are good. What to do?


Pixma iP4200 printer quit printing black text, only color, even black ink tanks are good.  What should I do to restore the black printing?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi RBobJones,


Please make sure that the installed ink tanks are correct and full of ink. The correct order is:


CLI-8Bk Black
PGI-5Bk Black
CLI-8Y Yellow
CLI-8M Magenta
CLI-8C Cyan


Next, a test of the printer should be performed. The Nozzle Check pattern shows if each print head nozzle is operating properly. Please perform the following steps to print a Nozzle Check pattern:


1. Turn the printer on and make sure paper is loaded into the sheet feeder.


2. On your printer, press and hold the RESUME button until the printer light blinks twice. When you release the button, the Nozzle Check pattern will be printed.


3. After the Nozzle Check pattern is printed, compare the results to he example that has been attached to the bottom of this post.


4. If any colors are missing or if any horizontal lines appear in the color bars, perform the print head cleaning procedure.


To perform a print head cleaning with the printer, please follow these instructions:


1. On your printer, press and hold the RESUME button until the printer light flashes one time.


2. When you release the RESUME button, the POWER light starts flashing and all colors will be cleaned. This will continue for about 30 seconds.


3. Wait for the light to stop flashing before you resume normal operation.


Once you have completed two cleanings, please perform another Nozzle Test. If colors are still missing, turn off the printer. After 24 hours, turn the printer on and perform one more cleaning. Once the cleaning is complete, print another Nozzle Test.


After you have completed the Nozzle Test, if it does not print correctly, please contact our support group using the following link:


iP4200 Nozzle Test.jpg

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