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Pixma TS6350 - PGBK standard quality white stripes problem


Model: Canon Pixma ts6350

my printer_mj.jpg


Problem: PGBK (probably), the bigger the letters the more visible white stripes, sometimes there are gaps between regular size letters too. It all started about week after purchase, I set it up, printed some test documents and photographs and it was all good, then I left it without printing for a week and this started happening...




big text more stripes_mj.jpg


I did: cleaning, deep cleaning, cartridge replacement, print head alignment (manual)


after deep cleaning_mj.jpg


From my observations it seems like the more problem appears as more ink is being used at once, that could explain why printing smaller text usually gets less visible white stripes, also thin diagonal lines looks good


lorem ipsum arrows_mj.jpg

Here it happend more at the bottom of a document, dunno why or it's a problem with the print head


nozzle check ok_mj.jpg

Nozzle check was a "little" misleading in this case, here everything seems nominal


Also it's pretty much ok when printing in higher quality, when it thinks it's a photograph so it uses K instead of PGBK, but it's not a solution.


I've printed around 40-50 pages since it started happening and it gradually becomes a little bit more bearable, but still it's not really usable for printing regular documents at the moment, I have no idea if it will magically recover by just printing more and more pages, please help me find a solution