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Pixma Mg2922 error lights


My late friend left a unused Pixma MG2922 to me. I down loaded the software to set up Windows 10 & tried to set up. Of course it's past the support period & I'm abt to tss it in alley!


The green on light & the amber alarm light alternately flash twice.  I checked the  paper jams, none. Put new ink cartridges in correctly & removed the protective tapes. I've turned it off unplugged it, clx any printing jobs, & the cartridges clicked into place. I've turned it on again & led's continue to flash.


Any suggestions?



Two orange flashes separated by a long green flash means there is no paper in the tray that is selected. If there is paper, then the feed switch is probably set to the wrong source.

Thanks but the green on light flashes, then the amber light, then the green on light flashes & the amber light flashes.  Then the light remains on for a few seconds.  So to summarize green led, amber led, green led, amber led . 


Any suggestions?

That's a service call error. Try printing something from a computer so that an error code will display there.