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Pixma MX922 printing blank pages


My Pixma MX922 has suddenly started printing nothing but blank pages. It doesn't matter whether I try and print on letter or photo paper. I've done a dozen deep cleanings to no avail. I went on YouTube to learn how to remove and clean the print head. Still no difference.


This printer is only 2½ years old. I'm astounded that it has stopped working, especially since I thought Canon was a premium brand. I've Googled the problem and I'm really surprised how wide spread it is. What I'm trying to find out is if anyone has ever solved the problem, or whether this is another $85 down the toilet.


I've talked to Tech Support and they suggested a new print head. As I said, I removed and cleaned the print head and still got nothing but blank pages. I don't want to throw good money after bad, especially since I've yet to read of one user who replaced the print head and fixed the problem.


So, the question is open to this fine forum: has anyone actually fixed the problem of a Pixma MX922 printing blank pages? If you'd be kind enough to share the solution, I'd sure appreciate it, as I'm sure many others would as well.


Thanks to all!





After 2 years of this problem, I found this forum, and I fixed the m*fo with a blend of your responses.


First I tried the 14 steps that @PDIT recommended...


The first nozzle check pattern printed faint grey squares which was obviously not right. When prompted "Which is closer for printed color patterns?", I selected "Also B", which prompted me from the printer, "Nozzle clogged, do you want to start cleaning?", so I said yes. The second nozzle check pattern came out a little more detailed, but still wrong. I cleaned once again. The third nozzle check pattern came out blank...


Then I watched the following youtube video "How to remove printhead Canon MX922, MX925 Printers" by 303 Eelctronics. (sorry coudn't attach the link)


So, I removed the ink cartridges, took out the print head and noticed that it was just as dirty as the guy's in the video, so I did what he was doing and cleaned the back with a lint-free wash rag, and a few Q-tips (note: don't touch the print pads or they will be damaged).


Then I re-inserted the print head, and cartridges (which are knock-off cartiridges I've been using for years), and printed the nozzle check pattern one more time... and BAM! It came out perfectly... I was like there is no way... 


I then tried printing a personal document and it came out perfectly.


Just needs a little cleaning and hard reset I guess? Good Luck!


The nozzle test page should look like this:

Canon MX922 Nozzle Test Page (Resized).png

Well done chemengineer!
I have brought my Pixma MX7520 back from the dead several times already -- and it's still going strong.
Best printer I have ever owned.
Thank goodness for forums like this one.

My MX922 is 4 yearts old, but really has not done much printing.   I'm having issues with it printing blank pages sometimes, printing parts of documents while leaving others out, and also seems now like the black is not printing.   I've:tried

- updated the drivers

-  printing a windows test page from my laptop (bluetooth connected) which printed as blue only

- cleaning the nozzles via the maintenance function

- removing the printhead and running hot water through the color holes

- it shows I have black ink, but no black is printing on the check pattern



does this sound like clogged print head, or is there more going on like a software issue?



John, I saw your post and read all of the steps you have already taken.

I recommend following all of the steps listed by Canon Community member, PDIT, earlier in the thread (page 1) for this topic.

I found that by doing so the printer re-booted itelf which is something that doesn't happen by updating the drivers and just removing the printhead.


I had been close to tossing out my Pixma 7520 until I read PDIT's post, tried the steps and my printer was completely restored.



thanks.  I went through those steps as you requested and am getting partial success.


the printer says that i am out of  M, Y, & C ink, but have BK & PGBK.   I tried printing a word doc with just the word "TEST" written in black., figuring that the missing ink colors should not be an issue.   It took quite a bit of "adjusting" (moving, noises), but finally spit out the paper with the word "TEST"  written correctly, except that it was a very, very faint blue.   Do all ink cartirdges need to be full to print something black only? 


I'm glad you are, at least, making some progress.

I have a different Pixma model from yours (MG7520) and my printer won't let me print at all when an ink tank is empty.

All (5) ink cartridges have to be in the tank carriage even if I am just printing in black and white.

So you might try installing the correct cartridge in each slot of the carriage and see what happens then.



Just to clarify - all 5 cartridges are correctly in place, but 3 of them are showing as empty

So even though (3) of the cartridges are empty the printer doesn't display a message about that on start-up?

And does your printer still operate despite the cartridges being empty?


Do you have any full cartridges you could install -- or would you have to buy new ones?

I realize you don't want to spend money on a printer that might not function properly after your doing all of these restoration actions.



My printer skips paragraphs!  I am printing multiple copies from MS Publisher...and it will print 4 copies fine, then skip the duplexed second page on the next one, then print partial pages from there on then print correctly again

I created a pdf, thinking if I printed that...maybe all would be well.  No luck.

I turned off the printer, removed the printhead and found one of my printer cartridges was making intermittent connections.  Tried a second cartridge same problem.  Tried a third and it seated correctly.  Here are my thoughts on problems with these printers.


1.  when getting streaked pages, I slow down the printer to high quality for several pages.  it generally clears up after that.  I think my office is cold in the winter and the printer ink does not flow

2.  When having problems seating ink cartridges, check the glue on the chip.  sometimes the factory puts too much glue on that and it sticks up preventing the chip from seating in the printhead

3.  If all else fails try skippiing the duplex feature.  Could be a memory problem.  I wonder if the RAM in my computer is too fast for this old printer.

This is such crazy behavior it has to be either a memory issue or compatibility - I am going to try running my printer under a Windows 7 compatibility mode since its so old.  (New old stock / recent new printhead  though)

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