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Pixma MX922 Skips lines and only prints every half inch


In the last few months, my printer has randomly decided it will now only print every half inch of text to a page. Emails, PDF's, Screen-prints. Doesn't matter. They all print every other line, about half an inch of text every time. 

However, if I print an item form Publisher, ALL of the document prints. It doesn't skip anything! 

I have cleaned the printer, ran every alignment, print head, etc. and checked for all updates and I still have the issue. It started out of no where and now I am at a loss.

Why would the printer print a Publisher document without issue but if I print an email from Google, it skips lines? 

Help!  Below is an example of each print  .... PDF where it only prints every half inch and a Publisher print that printed just fine. Both were printed within 2 minutes of each other