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Pixma MG2520 false paper jam; Won't feed paper through


My PIXMA MG2520 stopped printing, flashed 3 lights and gave me an error 1300 message. All of this equates to a paper jam. I checked the printer and there was nothing in it. No paper. So, I powercycled the machine and then attempted to print. It started to print, began pulling the paper through and then the paper just sat there, while the printer made printing sounds. The paper would not feed through. I contacted Canon Support, which told me to clean the rollers by holding the Stop button until the alarm lights showed 7 flashes. I did this several times and it did not fix my problem. I replied to their message with what happened and was told to take the paper out of my machine, but there is no paper! I'm not sure why my paper won't feed. 

To confuse things more, after all this, I ran a diagnostic on my machine and got this message: USB Composite Device can't work properly with USB 3.0.


This is confusing to me because my printer has been working fine with this USB device for months now, and only started to have this message after I got the false paper jam message. Also, my computer seems to be communicating with the printer as it begins printing, but just doesn't pull the paper through far enough to print on.


Thanks for any help you can give me.



Did a little more searching, found that there probably is something stuck in it. Followed some suggestions, including shaking it gently upside down, and trying to push a piece of cardstock through. Tried it again and my printer works!


What else did you find? My daughter is having the same issue with her MG2522 at school. Paper jam, pulled the paper, no rips, etc., yet it still doesn’t work.


I have the same problem with my TS8020 - updated firmware, reinstalled drivers (macOS) 


I suspect its a a bug as it will print all day long from the rear tray using Templates as the file source.

Otherwise printing photos from the computer as the file source the paper detection is absolutely defective - does not detect any paper.




Ihave almost the same problem, paper will not feedthrough but the printer prints anyway. I have been printing right along with no problem. I have done the roller cleaning etc with no luck. Whats the solution?

I hope you already found a fix by now, but if not I posted what worked for me just now!



I think I figured out the solution (down below), it worked for me!

I also ALL of a sudden had this paper jam issue just now. It would feed the paper Maybe an inch and then just stop, saying paper jam or usb error message.

((As others already mentioned, I tried to turn it off, unplug, disconnect usb, and replug everything, turning it on, but no luck. Also tried gently shaking it upside down and using cardstock/index card to try to clear anything from the paper tray, without luck.))

***POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I think I fixed this issue with my MG2520!! ( : ***

I went to this website:

I redownloaded/installed the Full driver set up and the XPS set up (for windows, for me personally). I reconnected my printer, plugged in the usb to my pc, and turned it back on. After this was complete, I was prompted to Execute a paper head alignment. I followed the prompts on the screen, stuck one sheet of paper in the printer, and hit execute/green start button. The paper magically went all the way through, printing the alignment! The prompts have you then scan that paper and then it lets you know your printer is now ready to use! Let's GOOOOOO!!! haha

I really hope this helps some of you or anyone in the future, bc I needed to print something urgently and was in a time crunch and this unexpectedly happened.


I'm also having a paper feed problem (in this case on a PIXMA MG5320). 

I notice that with a lot of different PIXMA models, people are being told to clean the rollers, and for many this seems to fix the problem.

This case would appear to have a somewhat different etiology, however.

The rollers grab the paper just fine.  But they push the paper against a small ridged white piece of plastic, located just past the rollers, that appears to be intended to stop subsequent sheets of paper at a specific position to (presumably) maintain a roughly constant registration between the current page and the next.  This piece of plastic (I wish I had a name to refer to it by) appears to be designed to move out of the way when each sheet is fed, to allow that one sheet to pass through the rest of the printing mechanism, unimpeded. 

But that is not happening. Instead of moving out of the way to allow the current sheet to pass, this unnamed (by me, anyway) piece of plastic just stays put, preventing the sheet from proceeding to move through the rest of the printer.

What is intended to cause this piece to move out of the way? 
Is there some sort of adjustment, akin to advancing or retarding the timing during an old-style car "tuneup" that would determine when this white plastic piece will move out of the way, and let the rest of the printing mechanism proceed to act as it should? (I'm guessing that if operating normally (due to the ridged plastic piece receding (in order to stay out of the paper path)), once the paper were to make it past said ridged plastic piece , detection of the leading edge of the paper a bit further down the line would cause the rest of the printing mechanism to be "triggered" to operate normally (which it appears unable to do when the paper can't reach the rest of the mechanism)

Is there anything I can do to cause this ridged white plastic piece to recede when it should?

Has anyone else experienced this variant of PIXMA paper feed problems?  If so, did you find an easy fix?


I was also having the same trouble. The paper would start feeding the paper but suddenly stop. It would also sound like the printer was really trying to feed it through but couldn’t. After thoroughly examining where the paper was suppose to feed through I could see the smallest piece of paper tightly jammed right where the paper was supposed to exit under the pinch rollers inside the printer. I used a tweezer and a bit of force to hold the pinch rollers up and used compressed air to blow it back towards the rear tray. I’m definitely not saying this could be your problem, but you don’t loose anything from just checking. 




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