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Pixma G7020 Stops Printing


I just bought this printer and hooked it up.  I am using Debian Bullseye with Xfce 4.16.  I loaded the Linux software that was available for download.

CUPS sees the printer and it printers nicely.  The scanner software on my system finds the printer and it scans well.

However, I attempted to print a five page government document in long-side duplex mode, and ran into what appears to be a memory problem.  It printed the last page, and then pages three and four.  Then it started on pages one and two by printing page two and then pausing before pulling the paper back in for the first page.  But then it just stopped with the page in the printer.

After about fifteen minutes, it spit it out with only the bottom one-fifth of the page printed.

Does anyone know why?