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Pixma G1000


Sanchez checks her phone. A text from Watson, "Come to my place at 6. We need some alone time after all this." Servin sighs. 'She's right,' she thinks. 'Plus, I've got to tell her about Taylor and I.'

Sanchez slips on her sexiest (and sluttiest) clothing. A low cut and extremely short black dress and matching heels. Her big breasts pop out from the tight squeeze as she applies her red lipstick. At 6, Sanchez strolls up to Watson's door. Watson opens the door and stares hungrily at her colleague.

"Come in hun," she says with a sly grin. She's wearing something similar, except white and with one shoulder exposed. Sanchez sighs happily as she sees the candles on the table. She takes a seat, and Watson follows suit.

As they eat the meal and drink their wine, Sanchez loosens up. "Hey, Claire? I have to tell you about something," she says. Watson stands up and places a hand on her shoulder and a finger on her lips. She shushes her and leans in. Their lips collide in a sweet kiss. They stay pressed against each other for some time, enjoying the simple pleasure they'd been lacking since Taylor had been involved. Her youthful passion was fun, but there was something far more carnal and pleasurable about their laid back attitude.

Soon, they were on the sofa, the gentle kiss continuing as Watson freed Sanchez's squished **bleep**. She broke the kiss and ran her tongue across the flesh, slowly circling her hardening nipples. Sanchez moaned happily and rubbed Watson's ass, burying her fingers in it.

Watson's tongue slid down from her partner's breasts and across her stomach before finally reaching her **bleep**. "No panties? So naughty," she teased, taking small tastes. Sanchez nodded and groaned, Watson's tongue barely brushing her **bleep**. Watson pulled away for a second and breathed on it before slowly burying her tongue in it. Sanchez's legs start to quiver as Watson slowly eats her begging **bleep**.

Watson's tongue movements are deliberate and powerful, but keep her right on the edge. Sanchez moans and sits up for a few minutes, breathing heavily and trying not to **bleep**, trying to keep the feeling going for as long as possible. But soon, she's taken in too many of the delicious seconds. She squirts into Watson's face and falls backward, grabbing the couch hard.

Watson smiles and hoists Sanchez up. "You'd better get going. I postponed writing a test for tomorrow for you." She says with a light chuckle. The reason for her visit with Watson gone from her mind, Sanchez shakily nods and leaves

The second Watson hears Sanchez's engine start, her smile fades into a grimace. She goes into her bedroom and opens the closet. Inside, someone whimpers. Watson yanks out Taylor, who's tied and gagged. Taylor yelps and moans sadly as she hits the bed. Watson pulls out a basket from under her bed and removes the rag from Taylor's mouth.

Taylor takes a deep breath and tries to scream, but is silenced by a dildo being shoved into her throat. As she chokes on the toy, she moans and gags, staring into Watson's eyes. "Do you like it? Do you like it when I use you like the object you **bleep**ing are?" She shouts at her, her hand running across Taylor's stomach. Taylor's slobber fills her mouth and even spills out of it as Watson continues. The dildo sloshes around in her throat for some time before Watson finally yanks it out.

Taylor once again tries to scream but is silenced by Watson's tongue in her throat. She slurps up the pools of delicious saliva in her victim's mouth as her hand finally reaches its destination. The violent french kiss still going, Watson quickly penetrates Taylor and fingers her.

She does not ease into it, instead going full speed right away. Taylor screams with pleasure into the kiss, violently shaking. Watson keeps the treatment going, but pauses the kiss. Taylor moans and sucks down her spit as her captor makes her ride the edge. Taylor feels her orgasm coming. She curls her toes and accepts it, but Watson has other ideas.

Watson slides her fingers out unties Taylor. She slides off the bed and groans, her **bleep** and lips aching. "Your clothes are on the table. Get the **bleep** out of my house, and don't talk to me or Sanchez ever again." Watson says, digging through her closet. Taylor leaves with her tail between her legs, red in the face and still horny.










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