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Papilio waterslide paper setting


My ix6820 is fairly new, as I had to replace my wonderful old Pixma Pro 9000 since Canon was no longer updating the drivers for it and I got a new iMac. So I am not very familiar with it yet. I also just bought some Papilio white waterslide decal paper for inkjets that I've not worked with before either. The directions say to use the glossy photo paper setting on high. But every time I try a different combo of settings I get splotchy images as a result (especially in the orange color in the design) and am wasting this expensive paper!


Interestingly, the best setting I've found so far is "t-shirt transfer paper" but it automatically flips the images. It's still not perfect, but much better. How do I replicate those settings without the automatic flipping?


Does anyone have experience with Papilio paper or have any suggestions to other (hidden?) settings I can adjust? Thank you!



Hi azolszak,


I'm afraid this paper is not specifically supported by the PIXMA iX6820, ad cannot specify exact settings.  Beter information may be available from the paper manufacturer, and I have included their contact information HERE.