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Paintshop Pro can't detect MX870 scanner


I have a Canon MX870 printer which I use from a Windows 7 Professional system. The printer properties dialog says that the driver is "The Device Stage(TM) for Canon MX870 series Version 1.1.30." I got this driver from Canon's support site at the recommendation of a Canon representative because I need to define multiple devices that operate the printer with different default settings, and the driver that Microsoft provides does not allow that.

I just installed the 64-bit version of Paintshop Pro X6 on my computer and tried to use it to scan an image. The "select TWAIN source" dialog lists no devices.

I know the printer's scanner function is working because I use it from Irfanview all the time. When I installed Irfanview it even selected the correct source automatically.

I researched this on Corel's user forum. The most likely explanation seems to be that the driver I'm using follows the 32-bit TWAIN standard, and the 64-bit version of Paintshop Pro only operates with drivers that use the 64-bit standard.

So, I have two questions.

1. Does the driver I'm using support only the 32-bit TWAIN standard?

2. If so, what can I do about it? I need the multiple-profile capability that this driver gives me, and downgrading Paintshop Pro to the 32-bit version sounds like a "cure worse than disease" solution.


3. If not, what else might be going wrong?



This seems to be a bug is PSP X6 64bit.  It will not recognize the canon scanner driver (no matter which, I have an MX920 and Scanjet 5600).  I was hoping the PSP update would solve it, but no such luck.  When I scan, I use PSP X6 32bit.  The scanner usually shows up as a twain device.

Paintshop Pro has been a big disappointment. My old copy loaded fast, was easy to use, and offered me a bit more image manipulating power than Irfanview. It did everything I wanted, but it was almost old enough to vote, and it wouldn't run under Windows 7.


The new version is a bloated monster that takes forever to load, has the same confusing monochrome look as Photoshop, and offers just as many features that look to be just as hard to learn.


Darn it, Corel, if I wanted the power and headaches of using Photoshop, I would have bought Photoshop.


And now I learn that it won't even talk to my scanner.


I wonder if digital downloads can be returned.