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PIXMA iX6850 Evaluating ink and print head issues before I buy


I'm looking for an replacment inkjet printer.


Since I myself had gor nearly 30 years Hp- printers, but since Hp isn't known for producing any good photoprinters.

Just good and realable work horses that can print office documents,but when it comes to print high- yeald photo prints( not any photolab quality,just some semi- pro that are at an affordable cost).

So if I compare the realability( and installation) of Hp; it's an quite easy task.

So when it comes to realability for the past 30 years that I had Hp- printers, I had 3 units.

The longest one I had was an older LPT printer that survived nearly 20 yeras, and nearly 50000 pages printed.

But ever since Hp replaced the ink in their cartiges,but also that the average quality has dropped in the past years.

However it's still maintaing it's strong herritage of realable printers.

However I myself had an Canon Pixma A4- printer ( photoprinter).

I bought this one since I myself has an photografic interest( print mostly from 135mm film).

But this was as I would describe as a downgrade,and a failure I regrate.

In terms that I found this printer hard to set up.

Since I myself taught that every printer is set up the same way. But sadly as with everything from Japan( or Asia), everything is unlogical( or should I say up- side down,backwards and forwards thinking).

Since that you have to do the process in a certain order,other way the printer backfires like an crazy horse on the track. That was exactly what happend to me.

But when I finally manage to set up the printer( in wich took me nearly a half day,and 3 failed attempts), I finally could use my printer.

But however the printer wasn't as predictable as my Hp printer. Since this was an photo printer, it had 5 cartiges system ( C/Y/M/BK+Photo/ pigment BK).

Because however not only that I got a couple of error message( cant remeber the exaxcly code), but the main issue was that the printer didn' t use any pigment black ( photo black).

Visually( at first sight) the print was looking good,but when I've cheked the ink level it was always on the same level. When I've took out the cartiges ( in wich was my biggest misstake)- the printer stopped printing( just locked itself).

So it seems that Canon has an build in sequrity mechanism that make cartiges usless if they are pulled out.

But stangly Hp hasn't this feature on their cartiges.

Luckily I didn't bought any new cartiges( just in case if my printer broke down).

Since this is more of history for me.

However I had looking for many years at large format printers( up to A3).

Since I print sometimes broad sheets( magazines,newspaper,maps,etc). But since this printers are quite expencive( compared to standard A4 printers). Not only in the puchace,but also in printing costs.

However I had once an Hp printer( A3), but it was an expencive printer due to it's printing costs.

Not only that a set of cartiges costs nearly as much as a new printer,but the main faults was that the printer always was printing in colour( even if I've choosen BK/ White), but also that the printer used too way much of ink,due to it's constant cleaning process.

So it was to buy brut champange,and used it for your daily bath.

But now matter,since I have bad experiences of this printers. But also that many people say the same as I do.

However what are my main concerns ( or should I say experiences) are that inkjet printers have an printerhead & Service Station ( in wich the partiges are cleaned).

Compared to Hp; they are predictable as an tractor. You just can expext that it will be no hassel.

But it's more of a different story with Canon.

Mostly that if you don't use the printer so frequently,the cartiges will dry up( as an opend bottle of good whiskey). If the printerhead once had dryed up; it's just junk.

Since I myself isn't printing so frequently( max 50 pages/ month).

Compared to Hp; I' ve never experienced any issuse with that low printing volume( or that my printerhead will dry up). Since cartiges has an " Best Before day"/ Warranty. But however I have used cartiges that had expired without any issues.

Since Hp also produce cartiges for older printers ( aprox 10 years or so), but I don't think Canon has it in their mind  set.

Also as I've mentioned that if your printerhed is broken( wich sadly happend to me), it's easy to replace it. But it's a different story with the service station.

So besides my concerns/ experiences if I could get atlest 5 good reasons why I shold buy a Canon?

In particulary an ix6850




Canon USA supports products intended for sale in the US.  Here is the printers buying guide for the UK

Canon Printers - Canon UK

I'd start there to see what printer meets your needs.  If you are looking for specific information about the ix6850, that can be found here:

Canon PIXMA iX6850 - Inkjet Photo Printers - Canon UK

Here are 5 benefits:


If you'd like help choosing or have questions, just click the image below:


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